Although I have valuable knowledge and experience in my field, I do not see my role in the classroom as the sole source of information. Each student brings their own unique perspective and expertise. It is imperative that students share their experiences and to contribute to a collaborative learning environment. By giving students that opportunity, educators create an environment where students feel included in the culture of the classroom and feel comfortable to speak freely. One of the most important elements of art is the ability to talk with others about it. The capacity to analyze and decipher meaning in visual cues is learned in part from the verbal interpretations of others. Critiques are of great importance because it gives students an open forum to discuss ideas and learn from one another. It is vital that students learn to think critically about art and can apply its principles to daily life. Together, we examine the purpose, history, and structure of issues involving concept and technique so that students are aware of the role art plays in the world today. The job of an educator is to equip a student with necessary technical expertise but also to encourage them to think about how that can be applied to abstract ideas and a critical engagement with the world.