Hello friend!

I would like to invite you to show in an exhibition that I am putting together.  “Friends with Benefits” will run from August 20-24, 2018 at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  My focus for this show will be on Instagram and how artists use it for reflection, presentation, and for connecting with others. 

Exhibition statement: “Friends with Benefits” is an exhibition by University of Missouri student Bethanie Irons, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of PhD, Art Education. This exhibition focuses on the marriage between materiality and technology and examines how artists, teachers, and researchers can embrace the potentials of engagement with online art communities. Through this collaboration, thematic lines of inquiry and collections are shared, re-orienting the thought process of the viewer and establishing them as both a participant and maker of content and cooperative experiences. 

I ask that each artist submit a very short synopsis of your feelings toward Instagram as a tool for artists. This must be 165-170 characters (not words) in length, not counting spaces or punctuation (so just a couple sentences). I have included an example below of what this will end up looking like when I type out everyone’s responses. I also ask that each artist submit a screen shot of 4 rows on your Instagram. I have included an example below of what this will look like.  

I will be printing the screenshot on one side and your text on the other side.  These will be 9.5”x7.3” in size to echo the iPads that I will also have in the gallery for visitors to use. The pieces of paper will be hung in the middle of the gallery on a taut metal wire with small metal clamps, inviting the viewer to move in between the pieces of paper and potentially engage with your work on Instagram. These may also take the form of a zine, depending on the number of submissions. 

No work will be sold and no physical work will be exchanged. All artists will be credited with the inclusion of their name, Instagram username, and location. There is no fee to submit. All submissions will be included in the show.